Best Airline In Africa 2020? Ethiopian Airlines BUSINESS CLASS | Addis Ababa to Lagos

hi guys welcome back to my channel if it’s your first time here welcome I am sassy funky and I’m a Nigerian travel on lifestyle vlogger I really hope you enjoyed this flight review and about to do for my trip from Addis Ababa all the way to Lagos I decided to spend a little bit of money upgrading my flight at the airport from economy to business class so I really hope you guys enjoy it

and don’t forget to give a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe before you let’s go the first thing I noticed in business class was two huge screens the in-flight entertainment TV screens were absolutely huge and it really stood out business class was really lovely with only 28 seats which is lovely it was literally like four rows and about seven seats in each world what I loved also was the fact that the spacing between the seating and the TV was so spread out there was a lot of space for me to literally like party in between my seats on our seat was a toiletry bag that had a lot of goodies in there and also some complimentary water which was nice we also have special headphones that were the really cushy nice ones not the ones you get in economy either what I need before take off the wheel offered some champagne and some juice and of course I chose champagne oh this was me doing my intro that was super super bad because of the audio so I had to replace it with this voiceover a quick safety briefing before takeoff were already given this beautiful cloud9 menu cloud9 is what we QP Airlines actually calls their business class the many was pretty much a mini magazine which gave dick insights into well food came from just sort of history and I love the fact that the menu those even to us was very extensive in terms of choice if you notice on the many was actually also Ethiopian national dishes which I thought was a lovely touch into the menu

yes the many as I mention was very expensive a lot of background into different wines and what you could pair them with which was lovely to know even I didn’t try all of it

so since we’re still taxing on the runway I’d said to show you guys what was actually in the toiletry bag the toiletry bag they gave us was yellow in color which was very bright and inside it was one a pair soft which is standard I cover earplugs a comb to comb my hair toothbrush and some lip balm which I needed to make use of ASAP so that was actually lovely to have and finally there was like a toothpick and a pan in back I was really glad that the blanket that they had in business class was so nice it was so big and very warm I have a pet peeve with those thin blankets getting economy so I was very happy that this blanket was super warm and super comfortable what was also lovely about the business class seats was that you completely controlled them to recline flat into a bed which was lovely one thing I was very grateful for in business class was the fact like actually charge my laptop in the economy I can only charge my phone with my USB cable but there was no proper plug to charge my laptop the next one I did was simply to just get my headphones on and relax and of course find a movie to watch I don’t know how some of you guys go and sleep on flights I always maximize my time and basically watch movies I watched the commuter and it was amazing

not long after we took off the

Alistair’s came over she explained the meals that we’re going to be having trout the course of the flight

she basically took my order for the flight she was very patient to really explain the different meals to me because the lot of traditional meals that I definitely wanted to try but I didn’t quite know what they were so she was very nice what I noticed with the Ethiopian Airlines a hostess is at a very patient and very smiley they’re very welcoming and yeah overall I actually think they make a lot of the experience for me on the flight so that was really lovely

so first came the starter and the starter was very very lovely I love the display and I go straight into where there was some salads bread and some smoked fish and all this condiments like Mary needs ketchup mustard

you know olive oil balsamic vinegar and of course butter

who doesn’t love butter

for my main meal I decided to have the chicken option the chicken option was so so delicious like the flavors that they use in cooking their food was phenomenal I have to say that this probably is the best meal I’ve had one of flights before just so much flavor so delicious and I had a just yummy

I decided to reveal the toilets of the business class on Ethiopian Airlines interesting I found it very similar to an economy standard toilet I was expecting a little bit more I don’t know I just thought that there could’ve been more maybe the size wise or in terms of the amenities that were provided but nevertheless there were wipes there there was actually sanitary pads which I thought was very thoughtful in case anyone females have accidents so that’s great to have that there but I thought the size of the toilet was quite small I’m out of loved it was a little bit bigger to be honest this was probably the only thing that I was a little bit disappointed about on the flight as in if the toilet was bigger and nicer I don’t know more modern for example I think this fight would have been the best business class ever but overall it was decent it was functional and one can’t complain about that

now what it was time to actually try the Ethiopian national dishes I pretty much tried every single thing that was mentioned on there a bit of everything and the arrows test told me that I have to use my hand to be really authentic I guess it simulates how we learn Jones each other but with our hands and soup so which I thought was odd for you know being on a plane but I thought it was very creative to you and of course I dug in with my hands

my fight one was my first time

Ethiopian businessman to be honest I was very impressed by it number one I thought it was much they had much bigger space compared to for example the Air France

as much more spacious I thought the service was pretty much the same as sort of like the bees and the air farms the food was quite good and what I loved was back to that we had the traditional Ethiopian food church pie with our hands so I think that experience for me actually made the quite interesting because with something new something different that I had to use my hands to eat that felt great

the bathroom to be honest also a little bit disappointed always expect business class bathrooms to be bigger and much fancier and I thought the Ethiopians class was pretty much an economy bathroom but just like but nicer features features like this with the same side nothing you know big or particularly special about that the only negative I would say about the fly to be honest was that ice

I don’t feel the deep clean planes these days so I felt like I just a little dirty parts in between you know seating and things like that which I think they could do the job because people like me actually look at things like that overall the flight was brilliant the easy selection was the grades I watch a movie which I love even the bed was empty

I’m a small person even the bed I believe were actually too big for making a fight small he would I recommend it I would recommend this time just to clarify what you guys I booked an economy security but when I go to the airport

i personal upgrade some type in about $400 us to miss my company which is quite decent compared to we think about other airlines our play something like $900 $1,000 from economy to cloud line which is their business which was absolutely lovely

$400 100% it was worth

the end of my review I really enjoyed it if you’re new don’t forget to hit that subscribe button if you want me to do more of this video make sure you give me a bum rap it really encourages me and lets me know that you’ll be enjoyed videos like this in the future thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys on my next week

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