hi guys welcome to my channel if it’s your first time here welcome my name is sassy Phuket and I’m a Nigerian travel and lifestyle blogger and blogger base here in Lagos Nigeria if it’s your first time please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button down below I’ll give you five seconds to it now then it perfect also don’t forget to hit the little buildin station button right beside it this basically shows that you’re the first to get content from me so make sure you do that so what is the de video about today’s video is actually being over questions than coming and it’s been coming a lot from a video that I did about my deportation yes I merely go to put it check out the link up there a lot of people have been asking me you know how did you manage to get a job at the UK as an international student like how did you do that right clean your vlog on that you really help those that are thinking about coming to the UK to study to get a job after and also those people that are in the UK already and thinking oh my god I’m in my first year of university how do I get a job after so don’t worry I’m here to help you so the way I’m gonna tackle this is and when I first talked a little bit about my story on how I got a job in the UK as an expression of students and then I’m gonna go into the tips I’m gonna give you five tips on how to secure that job in the UK yeah so this is my story I went to the UK from Nigeria in 2001 I went to study for my GCSEs and my a-levels got my visa everything sorted in Nigeria moved to the UK X Edomites visa few times and I was in the UK but completed GCSEs a levels then after I got an offer to attend King’s College to study business management in London yes so I did that I spent three years there in my first year of uni I honestly stumbled stumbled yes upon a job fast so my school is having a job fair whereby all these

companies form banks to FMCG s that everybody was coming to sort of recruit students and also to offer internships to students to be honest Atticus stage I had no clue what I wanted from life as it was my I was in my first year of university I was thinking I don’t know what I want to do you know and I

remember at the end of the first year at this job fair I somewhat upon this company JPMorgan Chase and they you know had very nice people there talking about you know banking and what it was all about to be honest I had zero clue what it was about but they really sold me on why don’t you do an internship at the firm to really help me understand what it is the do and also get a lot of training and coaching I’m doing up my skills a little bit so I applied for an internship I got through the first round of the application I did a lot of tasks idea of interviews and finally I had an offer to do an internship in the summer of my second year at University so my summer internship was for two months or two and a half months approximately ten weeks and what I loved about my

internship to be honest was that it paid well I think I was getting pay like then like over two thousand two thousand pounds of money there’s something which was very good for a student like me and it was really fun like it was really they really invested in getting to developing our core skills they also focused a lot on networking a lot so I met a lot of you know bosses decision makers and a lot of activities I

remember once they actually booked us a cloud-like at my club in London where we partied all the time so they really gave us like tried to bring real us into this life socially and also you know

educationally right so which was really really good for me so plot finishing my internship my summer at JPMorgan they basically offered me a full-time

position at the firm on their corporate development program after I finished University all they wanted from me was that I get a minimum 31 in my degree when I completed university what did that mean for me it meant my third year was focused on getting my grade he wasn’t focused on played just

that’s he one grade because one I didn’t really have a clue what I were to do um I already tried these people out and they seemed cool too

they were going to offer me a full-time gig and apply for a visa for me like a work visa for me a five-year work visa for me I think not to pay for that three they’re gonna invest in me in building up my skills and developing me so I thought for me win-win-win I didn’t to apply anywhere else

this was place to go so upon completing my degree I joined JP Morgan I worked there for approximately six years after my fifth year I got the company applied for me so I got a permanent resident of residence in the UK it was amazing because when companies apply for

permanent residency for you you actually get it in one thing you apply the same day you know you have lawyers and everything I get disposal to get this done for you so you pretty much do nothing to pay for it which was great and yes so I go back from the residency a year after that I applied and I got my citizenship so I’m not British

citizenship I think honestly it was because of the decisions I made early on when I was at university that led me to getting so far so now I’m gonna think about my five tips on how to secure that internship and five things I really believe that you need to do to get that job that will actually allow you to stay in the UK number one research so

research what exactly I think you need to research those companies that

actually afford to bring on

international students so basically the companies that can afford to pay for you to work in the companies that have the time resources to apply for visas for you you’d fundamentally have to cool and get a list I didn’t get a list of these industries that do it this company to do it because that will set direction as to you know what it is you want if you want to see in the UK like who can give you that so that I think it’s a great starting point get that list together and put it aside number to join school clubs a lot of universities in the UK have a lot of school clubs where there’s a quick Harry

Society or other societies and the benefits of the school clubs is that you can meet people there you can network with people in Africa where society is afflicted with the SEO who are an organization that actually tries to bring minority into the job job market so I think it’s important to actually be part of this school clubs because a lot of things you can leverage from being part of them

number three apply for internships from day one yes people think it’s a bit early when you just start universities apply for internships apply think it’s never too early you’re already in school you surely have a CV by now and you know apply for internships in places that interest you but more importantly in places that you know that can afford to apply for that visa to work for you those are the look at lists I said before yes apply to it for internships in those companies and don’t worry if an internship is not paying you money this time of your life is not about getting money it’s about getting experience and getting your foot in the door getting a step ahead of other people right I’m leaving a good impression so make sure you apply for internships from day one I’m working you apply for those

internships go online go to your careers fairs use LinkedIn as in everyone loves being approached on LinkedIn – if you’re if you’re trying to sort of seek advice or something so make sure you go on there don’t be afraid to like him I like him at a CEO of a company and just ask questions or ask to you know have a conversation also a great way for you to build relationships with people you don’t know

but people that can potentially grow you I mean don’t be shy so I leverage your own personal networks if you feel like your father’s father knows somebody somebody here or your classmates father knows someone here yeah you know get to know people get some you know build relationship ask people like ask and you shall be given if you don’t ask no one can help you so I think it’s really important to leverage those networks number four this is just a bit of advice do not play around as if you are British citizen I feel like a lot of you go to university and they’re like no they’re good

chili you know whatever knives whatever a there’s always a patsy everyday Monday Tuesday Wednesday free drinks free shots I think you need to remember who you are remember that you didn’t come here to play remember that you you know you can be chucked out of this country whatever right so you need to be thinking like that I’m thinking you know what what am i doing to secure that so secure maybe my want to stay in the country and work and invest and be a part of country peace of this country what are you doing right number five and I think this is actually the biggest point and once you’ve got that internship is that you impress them like impress them at the internship what do I mean by impressing if they give you a job to do do it and do more that’s a bit curious even if you have no interest it’s always good to see someone that’s actually curious that interested in game to know something give me they don’t care about that thing and it’s just and you never know you might care about it after a while I think a lot of times we’ll give

ourselves a chance to actually get to know something so I think just being curious is a great way to do that to get to know the bosses get to know who the decision-makers in the company and you know what express your view to actually work in the company after don’t be too shy to to be bold to step out and to be outside of the norm I think that’s really important

yes and finally with all that said I think it’s also good to just bring yourself to the table bring your

uniqueness bring your offering bring your you know your you interest your energy to the table because that speaks louder than words to so guys that is the end of my vlog on how to secure a job in the UK I really hope the points that raised really resonate with you and really help in your journey to getting that job in the UK if you have any questions for me like feel free to leave the comments down below I’ll make sure I answer them and don’t forget to give this a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and I look forward to seeing you back again

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