hi guys my name is Sasi funky and I manage and travel and lifestyle vlogger and blogger busy on Lagos Nigeria so to get straight to this video I get so many questions from a lot of you guys about how can you guys approach travel how can you you know book things cheaper and you get cheaper flights because a lot of people look at me and think oh my gosh she’s living the life she’s here today here tomorrow and the truth is no these things can really be expensive but there’s some great tips out there that if you guys incorporate you will save thousands of dollars yes thousands on your chickens so the first thing and I think the biggest factor into getting cheap flight is being flexible being flexible with the date you’re trying to travel with the time of the week you’re trying to travel and with the

destination that you’re actually trying to travel to if you can be flexible on one or you know all those points and I can assure you you’re good to get very very good ticket prices yes so you need to know your online comparisons right so yes the likes of Skyscanner FL watchdog yes and in the days of going to travel agents in person travel agents I don’t I personally don’t believe you get competitive pricing from travel agent so if you you don’t go online for your tickets you start going online to check so once you check one of those majors comparison sites I would actually go to the website of the airline itself directly so for example you go on skype Nana and you see a ticket for every British Airways after 8 pounds I would say go unfurnished always up hop and check exactly the same date time and see if it changes so because sometimes airlines actually do deals directly with customers so that’s an option that’s a great way to get cheap flights when looking fly to check surrounding airports what do I mean so where I’m flying into the major airport of that country are going to other airports or not nearby Thank You easily gets your location easily adds a nonsignificant cost if so that we have considering the let’s say for example London the major F word mothers

and London Heathrow can be expensive to fly in because it’s a major port is a major hub right but if you consider flying

– maybe stamps dead or flying to London Gatwick you can look at the pricing because it might significantly be much cheaper but it’s also important for you to understand how much will cost you to get from the airport to your destination when it comes to check your surrounding airports I guess the thing here is to actually check the total cost not just the airline cost also your

transportation costs to your destination within that country one thing I do a lot is I sign up for price of that so basically on sites like you can actually track flights you know you can basically have it a flight that you’re interested in a London to New York I can put your dates in and you can find it for price all that so basically that you get an alert if there’s a significant reduction or increase in the particular price for that air ticket that you were looking at major major major if you can and I guess many few people we fit cadion flexible you’re like a free thinker you just you know you wake up on you think we should I good today I’m gonna go anywhere can go anywhere then don’t pick your

destination fast that is one of the most flexible things you can do that would get your cheap flight so if you look at WWF light there is a functionality there that basically allows you to pick your dates that you want to travel and basically leave the destination open and Google basically comes back with options across the world of the cheapest whites so you can basically you know you’re not thinking of move to India but suddenly India’s only like $200 and I think you’ve I’m sure it’s on there dollars so the great thing about this is you get really cheap flights but beyond that you actually inspires your opens up your mind to new destinations in travel to next is airline credit cards if you do not have one go and run and get one yes it’s an airline credit card and it’s passed point the fifty a points card so what you should do here is sign up to one of the major

Orion’s airline that alliance

yes either sky team one world of style Lions the one you sign up to really depends on from which airlines that actually in your local area that are part of this alliance group so for example if make all the airlines like new be a you know good for one world and if it’s more like the front can lab sky team signing up for this credit card you basically get bonus points but make most of them and those bonus points in the Redeemers flights and what happens is if you get that credit card every single time you spend you know you can do your grocery shopping on it you can do your half spent on it you basically get points points that you can redeem so you’re basically getting rewarded for things you normally buy anyway so it’s definitely worth getting these cards for make sure that you pay off your balance so that you don’t incur any interest that will basically outweigh the benefits a bit in the points next I would say if you can’t book your ticket in parts what do I mean so let’s say you’re trying to get from Lagos to London right instead of you booking Lagos directly to London you can think about booking maybe the Lagos to Dubai and Dubai to London if you booked it in parts they can actually be significantly more cheaper I guess the key here is to compare booking directly and look in it separately and see what the cost difference is so I’m gonna share some final tips on how to get you flight number one when should you fly out what plan on weekends because that’s p-type everyone wants to fly then avoid flying you into holidays because that’s also peak time and Airlines literally chart the highest fares during those times next and this is a trick that a lot of people don’t know about when you see a computer you’re searching for flights after a while delete your cookies basically delete your cookies what does that mean you’re basically deleting your browsing history so what happens is when your particular side’s airlines can watch that you’re basically checking a particular flight but you want a book and if they know you’re checking it they automatically hike up the price which gives you a sense of urgency I need to book this thing before basically like the flight goes off but the truth these are just basically testing

they try to push it buy it don’t don’t don’t

delete the cookies and refresh and I’m sure the prices go back to normal again so finally I will tell you guys to book you domestic flights domestically what does that mean if you’re traveling for example from New York to South Africa when you get south africa if you had plenty up to Joburg and Cape Town don’t book your jobber Cape Town Brahma a site in New York look for local Airlines actually with you get choose the back of a book it locally there in cash in local currency because if not you’re gonna be spending so much more money that you need to yes and when it comes to international flights don’t worry about those you can book them anywhere internationally so domestic flights locally only so guys that is it those are my tips on how to get your fights cheaper I want to know a member I may have missed some so comment leave a comment below if you know other tips I can help people get cheaper flights don’t forget to hit that subscribe button don’t forget to thumbs up thank you for watching and I will see you on my next video

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