hi guys welcome back to my channel if you first to see my face it’s a circle here here and I am here in Valley yes having the most beautiful time and I’m currently staying here at the Four Seasons and Jim Ramsey probably put up a video of my four seasons day at cyan yeah food so you might see that video for the link top if you’ve not seen it yet and I just checked in here and I thought it’d be great but you guys actually see how amazing we’ll see the room one bedroom in the lab then Jim panting looks like so I’m literally going to go back to the entrance of the room if it’s your first time seeing my face please do subscribe I mean I judge couple on content creator I create videos you know travel airline reviews travel tips travel vlogs that sounds interesting to you please to subscribe and give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoy anything the deal is amusing and share it if you like it fast about now so I’ll show you guys yes so this is literally the truth

so the book and here is the Builder right here we are at room 1 oh look at this cute doorbell right there and this is the entrance to the door this is spot like that which I love but how cute is this entrance

there’s this super-cute gazebo area right here with this lovely piece of art there’s a fan right there has a nice like lounger chair here between the form of the level it’s how you get this view it’s a beautiful view absolutely one of the best views that you get and this hotel I saw guys have so many villains like still submit compared to the cyan we have so many villas and I would advise like if you come here and you definitely opt for a front move their life be more expensive but it is worth it so here is the beautiful pool which is super lovely they say no diving so I can’t dive in that I can swim and also right here is the lounger chest umbrella in case it rains or the Sun is too much loving this whole thing guys I’m loving this hold still in effect so guys now I’m going to show you the inside of the villa there are two entrances to here there’s one right here there’s no one right over there but I’ll show you guys that is the beautiful bed and it’s in love because we have like all this like flowers of like you know thanks to jazz it up for you beautiful lampshade I love this look at the stone like the

intricate details of the stone I love how I think in Bali I’ve noticed that everything is done with such like what love like skill yes let’s go

is the in room dining as iam they have you know can get champagne yet wine if you want

it’s a fool I love how colorful this menu is isn’t this so colorful guys breakfast I’m planning on getting my floating breakfast tomorrow they’re so excited about that this is the stool bug with two little chairs it’s so lovely they got me flowers right here I got some nice how beautiful these flowers kind of the welcome there’s champagne or wine I’m not sure what’s in that the bunch of fruits from the island which will gorgeous and they also give us a cake and make it actually in the fridge right here is a television and before I miss out again that was the first entrance who came in through and this is the second entrance with the gazebo right in the corner so this is a we just have a look at this bad right there the pool ooh right there the workspace right here and look like the lounging area right there and right in front of me these beautiful beautiful double doors that you can open that not leads you directly to where you can store

I guess all your luggage and also a double door wardrobe

but this room right here the bathroom something one of my favorite parts I love the lights the whole white thing that’s going on there the light

literally beams in and of course okay you come to Bali without actually having the body powerful flowers in there I don’t think so

father it is very simple it has to I guess we don’t his and her sinks lifelike features are fire I have all these little weenie cabinets here captain I think another laundry back way towels I love this table right here it has all this like you know box all’s cooling gel candle and insect the incest I don’t know which flavor this one is Kenta no well the one we had at the Four Seasons and Singh Yan was unreal I like the fact that they’ve taken sort of the cultural elements of Bali or Indonesia and incorporated it in the architecture and also in the fabric which I love this is the second beautiful you know safe space here and right in between this two thing is the way to the shower so there’s an open style shower right here which is lovely and it has a sledge which I have said in love and some lovely shampoo conditioner and Body Wash to my right is a toilet I love the fact that in Bali they have separate toilets a shower loving the whole wouldn’t affect their the light fixtures and yes guys this is literally the view minor elements of this room that I really really like this is an outdoor private shower

Iraq they’re basically dry your clothes if you need me but yeah so this will achieve the beer from the shower I’m definitely going to taking time out to spend and enjoy myself in the dry dates outdoor shower literally guys that is the groom I hope I’m not miss out anything I’m gonna put up a blog post on my websites that you can get ah please do check it out there you want to know him about the rooms I’m gonna be a bit more detailed and also advise you guys which four seasons and body should stay ads based on what because they’re very different very very dear friend but yeah they’re both very very lovely guys like absolutely stunning like look at the view again oh I forgot to show you something I could show you something here’s a big parting of TV and in between this wooden doors right here also is so if it’s a mini fridge the water the icebox I love the fact that we already have ice and ice box

on arrival already of course the mini burn right here with all the goodies and other thing in there

and then it’s pretty much the whole room at the beautiful four seasons here in jimbaran bay I really hope you enjoyed the room tour and I really want to know what are the elements that you liked in the room is anything left it up to you like give me a comment below please like this like this like this and help me grow like if you have not subscribe and you really enjoyed see in my face buy energy or just enjoyed this video you know this is hype subscribe and let me know what kind of videos you like for my channel so that I can create videos that are relevant to you and look at this beautiful view beautiful view I just got my breakfast delivered here having myself some chicken sausages some egg white omelette I can listen whole-wheat toast in there little pancakes salad food salad and all that

I’m thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it and I will see you on my next video

much love

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