hi guys welcome to my channel if it’s your first time here welcome my name is sassy from care and I’m 9 during travel and lifestyle blogger in this particular video today I’m gonna be giving you a room tour of the campus ski hotel Gold Coast City I’ll kondañña

up if it’s your first time please please please hit that subscribe button down below right now yes if you enjoyed the skin video give it a thumbs up and share it if you love it so this video by the title is basically a hotel slash it’s a room tour of the hotel so I’m going to go back outside again so I can show you how it is so let’s really get it clear now with my key card so once I step in literally I can see there’s a cupboard to my left hand side and it literally lights up which is really nice they’re like laundry bags to get your laundry done some nice you know bathroom slippers a shoe polisher a nice Kempinski branded bag thank you I give us a shoe bag I can’t put your shoes on there Oh

got some nice fancy coat hangers so going to my left here is this huge mirror which I love because it literally ups to the bathroom so you can check yourself out when you’re coming out of the bathroom which I do a lot so I know me but so and this luggage space here I love this because it’s normally never that big to fit two suitcases so I love the fact that the size fits our two suitcases right below this is this drawers I guess storage as in for me to need this much storage and there’s more even here I will literally be staying here a really long time it also lights up the cupboard here also lights up which is great so before I actually go to the room I’m gonna come back here there’s a huge mirror right here and go back to the bathroom

haven’t seen this myself yet but this is the part from applicants in ski I love this huge shower and there

and I thirst like when hotels actually use proper branded toilet cheese I love it there’s a comb dental kids shaving kids shower cap vanity set a skin drink body hydrator nice bile of the surface right here like this is literally inspiring me for how I’m going to Milan bathroom up modern but has a bit of like glass so it’s and there’s some drawers right here too as a hair dryer MC boom and this I guess is where the magic happens I’m kidding

yes the bathroom as you’ve guessed it having its own little like home in there I love fact that the double door is opened directly it’s actually make them a little bit more spacious so now we’re gonna go into the bedroom and this is the bedroom here very very nice I love these colors really nice and this back job I don’t know what they used to make it was like a boss like a painting sort of on a canvas

so here to see kettle peas and normal things like that here I believe they have a safe that is actually big enough to have your laptop which I particularly likes cuz I like to keep all my things safe ooh champagne glasses normal glasses but there’s a lock tab

and finally the minibar I don’t believe you how do I open this looks like I’m guys I finally managed to open the minibar

soft drinks beer okay pretty much of the room aside from the corner here where you essentially have an office space which is great after you feel you’re in a working trip hmm

I like this but I wish they’d have more Universal charges

but actually I really love it it’s really very nice finally I know some moons don’t come with it but this room has about me and this was the balcony right here

I know some ways have you of the swimming pool but unfortunately dishes have you off PCB which I guess I’m happy with that was a really quick video I really hope you enjoyed the room tour in Accra thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe if you want more videos like these let me know and I will create them thank you and I will see you on my next video

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