in Monday evening I am catching a Kenya Airways fly from Mombasa back to Nairobi and I thought I’ll film for you guys I really hope you guys enjoy if you don’t know I’m sassy funky I’m an Indian travel and lifestyle blogger blogger so don’t forget to subscribe and give this video thumbs up okay we just checked and checked and was very quick there was hardly anybody there but my luggage was too big so I have to like we distribute because we only allowed 23 kilos I believe so

have to do those African what African people do when they have to open their suitcases

but yeah but now we’ve all checked in I’ve been half two hours left on till our flight um I believe there is a lounge here for piracy pass so you might go and check that out

so guys we just went through security again support the gate quick brief or quick debrief about the lounge lounge was alright it wasn’t the nicest lounge in the world but they had snacks they had food sandwiches chips and drinks for all for free if you have priority past that is but useful now we are walking I mean I guess towards the claim but I think we are going to have to walk outside because that you’re not connected the Queen’s are connected to the tunnel here so a little bit of a walk before we get to the plane [Applause]

hi guys how was the flight the flight was very quick took 45 minutes we thought it will take an hour 45 minutes pretty smooth quiet no drama very good good service they served us mixed up in the drink which is good but literally before I knew it we ready in Nairobi which is wait the domestic terminals represent international terminal but yes I love the airline it was really good very clean

thank you guys for watching the video and I really small if it was give it a thumbs up and don’t forget subscribe

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