KLM A330-300 ECONOMY | London to Lagos Nigeria

hi guys and welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna be doing a flight with view of KL a plane from London Heathrow all the way to Lagos Nigeria stopping over at Amsterdam for about an hour so if it’s your first time here welcome to my channel my name is sassy Phuket and I manage an Shaaban lifestyle content creator and you’ll find flight with these travel reviews lifestyle vlogs and other interesting things so if you’re all about that please please please do subscribe hit that red button right there and also hit the notification button and if you enjoyed this video please please please do give this video a thumbs up it lets me know that you’re enjoy content like this I can create more of it for you in the future yes I’m super excited to be jumping on this light today I believe from London to Amsterdam about an hour 10 minutes and from Amsterdam to Lee Gause it’s around six and a half hours really hope you enjoyed this vlog / maybe you let’s go

the process for checking in KLM was very smooth and really quick when I got through security I did a bit of window shopping before making my way towards one of the piracy passing lounges up the plasma premium lounge and I could visit this lunch for free because I had a priority pass check out the link in my description box if you want to buy a priority pass the lounge was absolutely stunning very very beautiful I was really hungry so I went to the buffet in the lounge actually get some food which is free of charge of course what I got was sort of like a salad like fruit salad and then as a look at chicken sausage like an English breakfast without the eggs

it was super delicious I really enjoyed it so I’m just leaving

oh this is my gate I’m just absolutely beautiful sleek you never turn the four I would say definitely because it this round minute I don’t think I think like to you little absurd emmajarratt always quite close when when they announce the gates going actually go to the gates so that’s just can’t let you go

lord knows I’ve tried to you said I was the only one no one likes being lied to you made this mess and let me with the pieces

now I wanna burn all the bridges between us

for the meal service from the flight from London Heathrow to Amsterdam we’re given a key was like a fruitcake and of course some water for hydration I suppose already had breakfast I only had a little bit of the fruitcake I’m not found a food cake to be honest boy was nice to pick on something sweet and of course no in-flight entertainment so I had my Netflix on my phone

on arriving at Amsterdam Airport it was really good why because it literally took me a five minute walk to find my gates the gates were so close together for me to connect and once I got to my key and I just waited a little while and within 40 minutes there were li boarding us onto the flight going to Lagos which was really really good and everyone’s very organized

everyone queued up which I loved I’m getting on the plane I could clearly see that there were two classes of economy at common comfort which is the orange label you see on the headrest and the normal standard economy which is the white label on the red headrest I did a video reviewing the Economy Comfort I’m gonna put the link up so you guys need to check it out as always your girls selected a window seat I am a fan of Windows seeds because I don’t like to disturb what was great about this particular flight compared to my initial flight from London to Amsterdam was the fact that is actually in-flight entertainment simply right in front of me which was great to have in terms of the legroom in Economy I would say this space is actually quite sufficient for me I thought but Behrman I’m actually quite petits but the guy next to me seemed fine and he’s a little bit taller than me they find entertainment actually thought it was touchscreen in which it wasn’t I was assuming that you know most planes Nydia have touch screens but I guess is an old claim so I had to make do without

while the items left on the seat was the KLM blue blanket also we had a very comfortable pillow to lay on which was very nice and comfortable one of my rituals when I get in a flight is literally this I unwrap my blanket put it nicely on me then basically I start to look for my devices my phone my headphones my earpiece I start to untangle them and make sure that I charge my phone in the USB dock on the flight and also just get myself ready to have a smooth flight do you guys have any rituals like give me a comedy club rituals that you do once you get enough flight so now to the toilet review the reason why I do toilet reviews on my channel is because I really do believe that customers care about how their toilet look you know how it looks if it’s clean how’s the size I think customers actually do care about this KLM’s toilet I love the new full-length mirror top to bottom was something that I really liked it was so extremely clean seemed sizable enough for a pretty person like me even though I do feel airlines could do better if they have a bigger you know sighs toilet for bigger people than me because I’m literally 5 3 so quite small but overall was a lovely toilet

log into the flight we’re giving some water to hydrate and also we’re giving a napkin like a refreshing towel so we could just refresh ourselves before we dug into our meals so right after we had the meal service and they basically served us our main meal for the flight so what I asked for was chicken and on my tray was a really nice walnut salad fresh hot bread a nice cake and also this box of like cheese butter it’s vinegar for the salad and finally crackers and very nicely wrapped us was basically my cutlery but the main meal was this fried rice with chicken and I’m gonna tell you the truth here I did not like that chicken at all but I’m very picky but it wasn’t wasn’t that nice I spent pretty much the rest of the flight just watching up some movies that I loved the fact that actually did the lights not long we actually then descended and arrived at Mutallab my main airport actually having a really smooth flight to be honest and yes here is Lagos Nigeria thank you guys so much for watching my flight review I really hope you enjoyed it please don’t forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up and of course leave me a comment cuz I love hearing from you guys thank you so much again and I’ll see you on my next video

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