LAGOS to ACCRA, GHANA (Kotoka AIRPORT) | Africa World Airlines “HONEST” Flight Review

good morning guys it is 6:45 in the morning I am on my way to the airport I am heading from leggins and for the first time I’m gonna be flying Africa World Airlines power which I have never done in my life so I’ve actually never been to Ghana either in my life either so I’m actually very excited to see how the experience on the flight is going to Donna I really hope you guys enjoy this travel review if you have any questions make sure you leave them below and if you’re new I am sorry

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you have to the lead I was checking us and it was really really nice

I’m just very like happy good bubbly which is good but I guess that could be actually sex at the time of the day everyone is so supportive in the morning if you’re talking to Ghana forming Sheree you need together to the card and you know get the elephant apart it’ll make us here at the airport or in Ghana I already have mine but from playing with don’t undress so they have to keep apparent 3,000 area to get it done here in Nigeria

guys so the fight is delayed we left the lounge we came down I’m the guy told us to go back to the lounge because the flights women here yet so it’s

definitely good

the most visible thing entering the plane was that there was no business class at all everybody was just sitting in one class which is

as we should be getting airborne in the next three to five minutes

we’re just give me the front burn across for breakfast the arrows basically gave me some kinda plain ginger juice which I actually loved reading for days so I loved it and also she offered me between a chicken sandwich or a cheese sandwich so essentially the cheese sandwich was just a slab of cheese and two tomato slices it was okay because I actually prefer having hot sandwiches so wasn’t my cup of tea in general but it was decent

so to the toilet review to be honest I was expecting something smaller I thought the plane was already tiny so how big can the toilet be the toy was actually a decent size I can move around easily

it had a big sink area where there was soap and also there were people towels pretty much standard what a scented bathroom looks like in on an airplane yes the moment I stepped outside the toilet it was already time to head over back to my seat as it was time to land the plane the hell cesses then gave us landing cards immigration crisis fill out this was very useful in that we didn’t have to waste time actually filling out things when we landed so this was good for saving time


so guys we just arrived in Ghana we are just about to go pick up our suitcase which is I think pretty much everyone’s left with only ones left so your suitcase is just there waiting but quick update about how I thought about the flight the flight was very quick I think it took like 45 minutes 15 minutes to get to a corral bathroom was actually not bad it was decent nothing special I think I thought it would be smaller but the size of the plane that it was but it wasn’t and the everything was smooth when we arrived there crowd do they check for yellow fever vaccinations so definitely definitely definitely you need a yellow fever vaccination and I would advise you to get it when you land in that crack it’s actually just $20 and I think you probably need that currents in hand but you might be able to use other currencies but asked I would advise you to use dollars $20 is simple get it done yes guys I really hope you enjoyed my flight my view on Lagos to a cloud journey thank you so much for watching I really hope to do more this sort of like Africa flights and review them for you guys because there’s not many of them online thank you so much for watching don’t forget to hit that subscribe button don’t forget to and I’ll see you on my next video

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