hi guys welcome at my channel if it’s your first time here welcome I’m sassy from k-19 travel and lifestyle vloggers in today’s video I’m going to be showing you a blog my trip from London GUI Mattingly goes on Virgin Atlantic actually did a review of the Virgin acting experience coming from Lagos to London but this is from London to Lagos and I think it’s gonna be a bit similar by just four sometimes you know the experience you get from actually living doing Berlin too late boss might be a bit different but I guess you guys will see for yourself

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pay for the trip I’m dressing very simple to be honest there’s this top I got at TK Maxx recently I just love it because it’s like very casual but the same time it looks dressed up and I got these I’m using this child’s I got from Kerala zone Ian I think jeans and a pair of sneakers that I think are pretty cool I like the color I got it recently to become stretchy traveling I love it’s a dress for comforts because I don’t want to feel uncomfortable I’m like a six seven-hour flight it makes no sense but yes that’s

as Christians if uncle

but I became data

okay thank you get up carry on my suitcases Jesus I am now asked to the airport I’m literally just getting out of the van getting my suit my so many heavy suitcases out I have like to weed check-in luggage so as I have actually paper stuff

I bet you do it flat this way my suitcase

right I have so many suitcases it is unreal

traveling like a Qi Lang durian quickly chief I checked in check can actually work pretty good because I am only allowed two suitcases out when three kills in economy like suitcases went that’s Hugh milligrams and I also had an extra luggage the lady only charged me for the little weight but enjoyed me for the extra luggage that was the – like 32 kilograms so Big Ups to Virgin Atlantic for be nice and easily paid 130 pounds I think myself this the snakehead palette and also the second spirit in thereby haven’t bothered to bring it up I’m now going to go look for my over there

evening after speaking my name is Matt hey you but it’s my pleasure to be your captain today on this version – like the first officer out of song and the flight service manager that they is Jackie

Jackie’s got an excellent DeMuth are they they’ve been looking after you on this five hours and 59 minutes of fly labels so Jensen once again could you please now take your seat aircraft is taxiing

could you please now take your seats any further delays with delays even further we’re about to show you a demonstration video if you’re not in your seats we cannot show the video so once again matter of urgency could you believe now take your seats and fasten your seat belts give one pressure front porch on the safety your video thank you the train is moving

the length of gentleman okay can be with respect now so please do immediately take your seats and affinity all sat down I’ll start playing this

whatever playfully yes

super dope with honesty by today che cose only lekha fun in the forum a pallet brutal approach to salads – only for some Stanley shave in Neosho Ted you cooked for Canada all she’s gotta do because you’re corny look we sent me a la vella

video comment goodness you tell a buffer capacity yourself amantani cruising you’re a fascist me como esta pasando pal contest over emotion Appa there’s no local Paniagua come up with on the sky she remarked in Pakistan as you saw with the passing of time deleted or equality claim in the commercial the fuel a veto tenido la salle à une soupe Eloqua velocity – so emotive a kadai chicken evenly lega burn in abuja me pal la bouche de la Petite is a few minutes on a person suddenly shaven yo shorted you cook thank you guys for watching my video I really hope you enjoyed it and I really enjoyed my Frank opinions about my trip see you guys next time

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