no one likes being lied to you made this mess and left me with the pieces now I wanna burn all the bridges between hi guys watch my channel it’s your first time here welcome so today’s super exciting because I am actually doing a flight review which I’ve not done in a long time I’m not mean flying but over the next couple of months I’m gonna be flying quite a bit but this flight review is gonna be Lufthansa which I believe is the a330 going from Lagos all the way to Frankfurt oh I really hope you enjoy it if it’s your first time here welcome again to my channel my name is Sasi suncare and I manager and travel and lifestyle content creator on my channel you’re gonna find a lot of flight reviews a lot of travel blogs and also I doodle of Lagos blog and Legos vlogs on perspective of what to do information and how to get around things so guys if any of that content sounds interesting to you please please please subscribe

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importantly I love to engage with you guys so if you guys have flown enough love Tanza before you know what is your perspective on love thumbs I don’t really hear people talk about la stanza a lot they will talk about Emirates and the lights so I want to hear what is your perspective on the fans they love it love it

why why why just share and yes let’s go I go to the airport at 5:00 p.m. and in retrospect it was too early for this flight because checking did not start until ten past six which was secret leads the G was super long and I was a little bit upset because I booked the Premium Economy tickets and the line was basically either for economy or business class on first class there was no Premium Economy signage which was a little bit disappointed because you know if I’m playing for my economy at least I deserve a sign right once I checked in I made my way through security and to departures and ended up at my parity past lounge where I had my de la fried plantain and chicken with some vodka and Chapman juice which was absolutely delicious the food was absolutely delicious as evidenced by my empty plates yes

at this stage you guys must have realized that I got upgraded to business super exciting for me because it was my first time experiencing Lufthansa’s business class business class has 42 fully flat beds and has a two to two configuration my seat number was 10g which I particularly loved

before we set up to fly decided to visit the toilet really quickly to give you guys a sense of how the business that’s what it’s look like and first

impressions to be honest it’s that it looked very standard in terms of the size of the toilet it seemed very similar to what I was seeing an economy flight so it wasn’t that big I expected it to be bigger you guys know I was complaining about the toilet size on planes I feel they’re too small but I guess that’s the standard what was interesting was that in business class they have like refreshing towels they had a comb they had mouthwash they had shaving sticks so overall you know it was nice to have all this miniatures that you wouldn’t typically not see within an economy toilet what I did like about the toilet was that the

moisturizing hand lotion was from this brand called La Satine which I

particularly liked because I the products not super super nice and also the toilet was very very clean you know everything was in operation and looked quite new which I really liked

I’m getting back to my seat we’ll offer it some refreshing drinks which I went for champagne which I love so that was really nice to have that ended up bringing champagne for most of the flight to be honest it was delicious and refreshing once we took off we then offered a menu for business class and I personally actually just really loved this menu the paper itself looked super like rich and quality which really stood out to me might be minor to other people but for me it was really important like look at the colors on that throughout menu looked amazing

so vivid and so lovely so this beautiful menu pretty much stated the meals and the drink options that we had on the flight so from our after taking up snack to our main dinner course whether you choosing beef chicken or lasagna to the dessert it also had by thoughts on the options for breakfast in the morning what I loved all son didn’t know was that we love transit business-class passengers are actually allowed to use a welcome lounge at Frankfort and this Welcome lounge is access for free where passengers can refresh have a shower have some breakfast

all at no extra charge even though I was upgraded to this seat I also could visit the lounge which you can stay tuned and have a peek of it towards the end of my videos so let’s go through the amenities that were given on business-class first of all there’s this lovely pillow which I love the design it’s looking a very nice very sleek very German should I say which was really soft and really comfortable to actually use yoona course of my flight secondly we had this blanket which is also very lovely and quite sort of big and warm and I use this a lot because I get really really cold on flight I don’t know about you guys but I always feel flights are super super cold so this was lovely to have too

let’s talk quickly about the space the legroom I had so much legroom I’m a super petite person but still the space and legroom was quite extensive so if you want many say they were giving first of all we’re giving a bottle of water to hydrate and then we’re giving this really cute bag which was full of like our many teas for business class what was inside was a little toothbrush and T paste there was also a la Satine sort of pouch for product there was a hand moisturizer and also I believe cream

I’m also we had some socks on our eye mask and finally air plugs

few hours after we departed my tray table was pulled out and it was ready for me to have my dinner meal and I opted for the lasagna vegetable lasagna because I’ve had enough of chicken to be honest and what I also had with the lasagna was a huge bowl of salad and also some nice hot bread with butter which I really liked

before I forget there was this orange and mint juice but you can see in the psyche corner of this video that was absolutely delicious and I had cups and cups or glasses and glasses of it throughout my old flight because it was really really delicious

so fYI if you’re gonna love Tanza actually orange and mint tastes spectacular

after dinner was served well my menu was served

then I had the option to have some dessert and trust your girl yes I opted for this little Apple pudding with cream and strawberry and also a fruit salad tray the great thing about business classes you can actually offset all the desserts I listed and the dessert was just just divine divine divine divine very good post dessert within giving a little tiny box of lovely lovely chocolates

a few hours before we landed in Frankfurt they served me my breakfast and I opted for the pancakes which was really really lovely super sweet but very very good

it came with croissant Kim with some cheese some fruit salad and I also opted to have some orange juice with mint and of course a lovely fruity which I really really really liked

hi guys I just arrived in fact and as part of the business class tickets I guess I’m gonna upgrade easier to get access to the walking lounge which is near the be gates be exit or something be terminal it’s a walk amongst Miller times a1 and yes I’m inside around met with a lady that was essential to check my ticket and she gave me this room number yes so quickly going to show you guys how this looks while the lock on the shower

and if my flat would be on the campus there’s a flat I really hope a junior to flight review and yes if you have any question let me know leave me in the comments below if you enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up to let me into it I wouldn’t create more videos like this

I think you’ve loved it share it thank you so much for watching guys and I will see you guys on my next video

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