so in this video I’m going to be showing you a video that I actually filmed two months ago or a month or so in December when I did my wedding at the rental Victoria Island because we enter a hotel essentially is a luxury hotel in Victoria Ellen it’s located on three Lecky Road and it has a very modern feel but I was also very like Asian you know hence the Oriental in it and it has a beautiful pool every single room in the hotel has views of the lagoon so you don’t get a view of the streets

which is nice I’m gonna be giving you a tour of humans at the hotel the classic superior and also the Ambassador suite the classic superior room approximately goes for 80,000 air and lights and the Ambassador suite goes for approximately 4,000 Eric and night but with all things like Geryon if you want to book these rooms

I suggest you negotiate yes so I’m gonna give you the tour now let me know what you guys think about the rooms do you think they’re worth the price etk for Nikki and if you build Legos before what has been your favorite hotel that you have seeped in in Legos before let me know I’m gonna do a room tour my room at the Oriental which I think it’s a classic room and this is the room right here just give you guys a view and when I entered actually to my right right there is actually the bathroom so I’ll show you guys that in a bit but this is the view of the room of the Oriental so the it’s a bit cloudy today but there’s actually a huge view here or Victoria on the lagoon and right there you can see the pool but just to show you how it works

this is the bedroom

I really hope you guys enjoyed the video don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you guys soon

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