THE BEST or WORST? | FLYING TO SINGAPORE on Singapore Airlines A330

hi guys milkman to my channel so today’s video is going to be a flight review on the single-player flying point dentists on Bobby all going to Singapore I believe the Plex just about two hours or so I really enjoy this flight we may need to take first

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let’s go

my first impression onboard Singapore Airlines Airbus a330 it was that the plane was quite clean I had a seat number 40 G which was the middle seats which in particular I do not like I love window seats but unfortunately by the time I had checked in the day before there were no window seats available what was great also was the fact that I love the color scheme there was a great blue color scheme to the Economy cabin which was classy and I also fell for a pretty person like me the legroom size was sufficient enough so right in front of me a standard is a tray table always looking about the trade table was diet II has a mirror which was very very useful there was a cup holder there’s a coat hanger and there little sort of cable touch points where you could I don’t know exactly what you plug in there but there’s a USB which is also very convenient what I liked about the seat pocket in front of me was that they had like separate different compartments where you put your phone you can put your headphone set you go say when we put your laptop I like the fact that everything was very compartmentalize which I don’t often see on different airlines so that was actually quite useful to have

let’s talk a little bit about the flight entertainment system on Singapore Airlines I think they call this Chris world right in front of me was actually with the remote control which you could pull to gain control to the flight entertainment screen in front of me there are a lot of options in terms of contents to watch and also behind the remote control is a keyboard whereby you can play games and whatnot on that which is great for kids and the rest that interested in playing games I always try and review the bathroom in all of my flight reviews because I think it’s actually really important part of the flight review so economy flights when Singapore Airlines I felt that the toilet was extremely clean very clean very standard in terms of you know having a baby changing seats and it’s just amenities too so they had a moisturizing hand lotion you could use to hydrate they also have like a whoo de toilette and also finally necessary and planes a mouthwash I don’t really see this off to this to like a big jar or big container so that was interesting they have but overall it was very clean it felt very new it didn’t feel rundown at all and yes yeah I like the toilet it was yeah it was decent but small as per standard

the mustache Aki

I’ll be a mountain

pull the lateral straps to tighten it and breathe as usual secure your mask but before helping ever

not long after take up we were served our meal service or dinner service and I opted for the fish option so I had a salad throw some hot bread there’s a chocolate dessert and also on our table was coffee those water and finally my white rice a bitch and cabbage salad option which I which was incredible like I ate and I ate and I ate because this food was so good

and I would never expect less because all the food I had in Bali was just delicious not so laborious so if that’s a word

Big Ups to Singapore Airlines because your catering is extremely good and very very decent they’re highly impressed two hours of 40 minutes later we landed in Singapore’s beautiful Changi Airport which is like the best airports in the world by the way if you didn’t know the flight was very smooth the air hostesses were very nice and cordial we arrived on time but I didn’t really have much time so I was kind of in a rush to actually get to my other flights so I can connect and go to Germany from Singapore I really hope you guys enjoyed this video I really hope you subscribe give it a thumbs up and I’ll see you on my next video from Singapore to Germany

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