I was possessing genius and leave me to do this hi guys welcome to my channel if it’s super Sun here welcome my name is Jessie Phuket and I manage in travel I’m lifestyle blogger blogger base here in Lagos Nigeria so whoa you find on my channel you’ll find a lot of travel videos to inspire you to travel more a lot of travel has you you know help you travel cheaper better and a lot of videos about Vegas and living in Lagos and wipes our radar which i think you are absolutely cannot love so make sure you subscribe and also don’t forget to hit the little Berlin station cutting after you subscribe this is what amidst the issues that you’re the first to receive notifications whenever I pluck an amazing video so make sure you hit that tear so today I’m going to cover a topic that is jammed in the front I’m going to talk about some things to consider before you travel friends and I’m also going to give you before that I’m gonna give you like two stones about when I travel with friends and it went horribly wrong so the first story I travel with a friend I won’t say where anything that I would have smoked but the person is result we wasn’t holiday for the medium holiday bear in mind I probably paid $400 for the ticket paid like you need 250 dollars like except money on actually I think you know me how much have a wall don’t have a blog so I love steak kitchen I want to see work everything about a city I want to learn I want to immerse myself right and on the first day my travel companion my friend she was like she wants to sleep bare my way there for three days so she wants to see my path I was just like what really and I was like okay maybe you know the flight was like a short flight was getting to her some I just let her sleep for a bit that’s like three hours each I was like girl let’s go somewhere now ah

you know for me and I didn’t mind asleep in the school weekend so you telling me I spent over $500 to come uh sleep but I could just sleep in my house illegals anyways and of course had she deep bag is she Jenna pulling me to all these places but I don’t think she was into it the way I was so that was interesting the second one was when I went on trips my average is my heaven with a friend our two friends actually and I think doing that she’ll I got to find out some negative things about my friend are you teasing before we look how they say when you travel if you didn’t get to do that better

I’m sure you get some relief and you haven’t somebody you think it has so this is going to be you know the good thing those I think we each have with people it’s engaged behind on your relationships at high relationship to be flying right so anyways to it I will tell you the three things I think that’s really important before each have with anybody you know what I do I have a just these three thing which we think about it before you make that decision

yes so number one really ask yourself are you guys on the same page you know what I mean like everybody goes with holidays on vacations right but what is that they’re you know ideal vacation like some people is literally you know what I’m tired working like a dog for so many months all I want to do just sleep on a beach some people like me is I’m a sex blow I want to learn I want to take pictures like I think so many pictures that is if you tip it for somebody so if you don’t like taking pictures document holiday with me oh you should use one I which have a blogger blogger I like I want to document places so if you’re upset with me when you get that value taking pictures like that is your fault it is your own Oh so basically

understand and how a conversation partnered to say you know what is your explanation of this chip what would you like to do you know one thing I try and do it my travel partner I create I like to marry like literally Monday 12 o’clock this is what we’re doing

thanks Lori dude you know like I create that I will write the restaurants a bunch of things like that some people know what to expect right so it’s pretty safe you want to do this this this I’m gonna believe it for that so you ready to decide that but we can see you know what I often there I up top there you know what I miss I think it’s really good to make sure you’re on the same pain and I great way to do that it’s a creative planner and share it with before you guys cha know it’s you I’m taking on from number one is that it’s important to know your budget like not everybody has you know just yeah she knows some people on a budget they probably think you know what someone that ten dollars in seed saver I think yeah I’m up for with the Mishnah stouts start Westerners I don’t know a million dollars a meal like so just know like understand everyone’s budget because the worst thing is and it happens to be the way I’ve gone on holding it someone and I ended up he for all their meals because we couldn’t afford it and because I wasn’t ready to downgrade myself either I’m like now I mean you’re Ellen have a good time I’m not gonna be like cheap skating it out no so I think it’s important and if anyone’s budget so when you go into it you know I’m truly told that friend of mine that I was paying things worth their value

I am someone I would never live with you my because my brother is less now I’m because the last fun you know we’re gonna go pay for everything it’s not fun anymore so please please please make sure you understand each other’s budget for everything before you decide to buy any tickets go anywhere with anybody finally number three I think it’s good to understand how decisions are going to be made right especially if you’re traveling groups of three or more like how do we decide what we’re gonna do right if two people say the majority things to they were all doing or if everyone has a good to say I’m going to do my own thing if I choose do something different it’s really important to know that from the answer because that really helps get rid of any potential tension you know I believe traveling with groups kill some relationship calls for you know what it so precious are dead because it happens together maybe there’s people gonna do keep I say I’m done shopping

so pretty much guys those are my tips about traveling with friends you know things to consider I really hope it helps you bet and I’m telling you this seriously you know there’s some friends you don’t travel it and as a traveler I know that you don’t Jam would they let them go their own kind of people because that can use it’s about them it should be amplified you thought you hate someone taking pictures now imagine taking pictures morning afternoon do not even like this pursuit is this case you okay

you don’t want any but if it’s someone like doesn’t my second father be like Oh even children be okay with that so no way you could Holloway and shut up with people that do that yeah okay guys let me the honor the what it I’m sure you could have queasy stories about having experiences with friends and what you get to comment and share with because I really want to hear right kind of sure it – you don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and you know what thanks for watching again and I will see you guys on my next video

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