hi guys welcome to my channel hi guys welcome to my channel if it’s your first time welcome for today I’m gonna be doing quite loopy from London Heathrow Airport which I mean that’s a real three to Boston USA I hope you guys enjoy it and yeah

so that I just checked into Boston and I’m disappointed about my seating because apparently all the windows dissident books and this is gonna be sick he used all the air and

things like that one I’m on quite so I’m hoping I’m gonna beg somebody’s

actually take the shots from the window for me but I’m hoping apparently only have pre booked the seat but they Vanya checked in so hopefully I can get these things that would lack something gate if I can ever see each check in virgin was very very simple very nice a couple minutes I’ve already checked in my three luggages from Lake also ready so I don’t already have how much I have no checking it was super speedy and I love the fact that virgin have is super like dedicated check-in area in terminal 3 that is just it’s been very quite and I think they share some of their space will download see you so that’s really great I look very like unique in the looking so so far virgin section is actually quite pretty impressive unfortunately I ended up with the middle seat which I was dreading the seat didn’t have much space in the middle because I thought all the seats that have space has to be paid for they were small in economy we got headphones of course a blank apps to make sure we don’t get too cold and of course the armory white pillow a great thing on the flight with an idea to charge my phone using the USB connector on the back of the seats into the area always comes for an ID on this white

unfortunately when my health says katsumi there was no chicken options left was really great because they went to premium economy and got me a chicken tikka meal which was tastier than have now which I loved this dessert was amazing the GU dessert which I love thank you so much for watching my video I hope you enjoyed the review and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and I will see you on my next video

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