hi guys welcome at my channel if it’s your first time here welcome my name is josue Khun Kat and I manage travel and lifestyle content creep so if it’s your first time here welcome so on my channel you’re gonna find my reviews travel with you some things about my home country nigeria so if that’s not interesting to you please subscribe to my channel I’m trying to get it to 10,000 subscribers and I would really appreciate it if you guys subscribe and join my journey don’t forget also to like this video if you enjoy the video I wanted to do more this kind of videos so today I’m acting here in Bali I look at how beautiful it should be like you move food in the wilderness like a rice paddy right there and it’s just unreal and beautiful and I be staying at the Four Seasons up here and the Four Seasons is stunning like my Sunday and even the entrance to this place is so so beautiful like it’s unreal so I thought I would share that with you guys I’m gonna give you a score well my room actually at the balcony right now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna actually go back to the entrance so you guys gonna check it out I hope you enjoy it I didn’t have any questions or any sort of what you liked about them doing what you didn’t like about in the room leave me a comment and I really love to hear from you so let’s go but I’m gonna go back to the entrance

this is so cute we’re than having a room key like a electronic one they have this map for proper keys I mean that’s really really cute fishery there’s a corridor or the wings right here that’s like her it’s like a small waterfall which is absolutely stunning green all the way down there

and their rooms all of course

here is my room home 209 let’s go in yes so this is the stunning room here I’ll let you know that this is a one-bedroom suites and they were living room upstairs with some TV and a toilet from the balcony and downstairs as a bedroom so let’s go through it’s off to my right and we have it all the so minibar T they have complimentary somebody think is like a beach lipsmack a bit like a rice cake be nice in this already

cancel the phone booth wall and there’s an expresso machine if you want that like an ice box just want to make sure we look here is we need far so they have no wine white wine red wine water snacks James Cook lights bright blue hand which is I think very super popular like drink here in Indonesia and right this part is also a sort of fridge

I guess like not for it’s like a sort of coffee time like smacks and all that in there I’m pretty sure you have to speak with us but quickly check have to move fast

so in here they have a small chair like a three-seater sofa cover lounge deco chair i guess they’re flowers a lovely cave and a nice boat of like fruits I believe this is either orange or guava a banana right here is a Study Center where you can I guess working a laptop an app not

a complimentary drink who doesn’t love a drink I’m gonna dig into that reader and so this is literally the room I’m not gonna show you guys there’s a toilet here on this floor this is a toilet I really am feeling this whole wood in effect I think it’s really beautiful even little touches like you know where they have the tissue holder don’t know what this is or isn’t a sanitary bag has a little cute look that and here’s the balcony I started off from before how lovely is this this is so beautiful so night guys I’m gonna take you guys all the way down to there so you guys can check out the bedroom here is the bedroom what I love is that actually put like flowers I mean that’s really beautiful

and now there’s a little open there’s a little sort of like oh you know what this is probably rice from the rice paddy outside that is amazing

Wow amazing bathroom the toilet it’s right here

absolutely love this bathroom has a lovely bathtub there as it isn’t her think look at the color this like greens how color this is so made like this is I love love love love it

they would have like rose petals already inside a place like literally this is absolutely lovely and like thrown up and do photo shoots in here so look how am i I still got paid for that here with the famous green towels and see my right here is actually the closet which I absolutely adore there’s a door way you can close it but let’s check it out this is it I you know I’m sorry if you saying I love this but I love spotlights I love the way the spotlight actually beams off the wood there’s some complimentary slippers here’s some bumpy roads it looks like plain trim fabric actually it’s interesting and also here it is I am a little bits and pieces and also you’re safe

there’s a laundry bag look at this guy’s it’s a nice like bad you can like rock on your shopping trip I think unless it’s like first you like do some work with it on the rice fields I’m not quite sure yeah so this is the room

out of the bathroom right here

nice window there

balcony downstairs which is I guess a much bigger about any so guys this is the view of the room from like outside that is my small balcony up there where we enter the living space up there the bedroom downstairs here the lounger here like absolutely stunning the eyes oh look at this I love this home water space here there of course there’s the bathtub anyways guys I am gonna love you and leave you thank you so much for watching this room tour and I really hope you enjoyed it if you have any questions like leave me a comment below is there any particular possible room that stood out for you let me know I would love to hear from you thinking once again though it’s here that subscribe and I will see you or my future videos


this is nasi goreng which is I think one of the most popular meals here in Bali or sheisty Indonesia it was with chicken chili sauce there smells absolutely divine got some rice probably from the rice paddy over there


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